I get why criminals wear masks, obviously you don't want your face on camera. I'm not sure why someone would feel the need to wear a full costume that matches the mask.

A guy in a full Captain America costume broke into an Ulta beauty supply store in Plano, Texas last week and stole a bunch of their merchandise. He was with a buddy who apparently wasnt't into costumes, the second guy just went with a hooded sweatshirt. I can only imagine the arguments they had on the way to the store over whose disguise was better.

The cops think they may have robbed some other Ulta locations in Dallas. As much as we're making fun of their disguises, they were pretty effective. The cops are still looking for the public's help to try to track the guys down.

NEED TO IDENTIFY BURGLARY SUSPECTS – The Plano Police are trying to identify suspects involved in a Burglary that...

Posted by Plano Police Crime Stoppers on Wednesday, March 9, 2016