A cane-wielding great-grandmother saved another senior citizen from getting robbed in broad daylight on her street in Oakland, California.

Ring video from the 76-year-old hero, who is known in the neighborhood as Miss Faye, shows her running out her front door in the afternoon of October 12th.

Miss Faye spotted a vehicle she thought was a rideshare driver cruising down the street. That's when she says a young man hopped out of the car and attacked her elderly neighbor, who is also in her late 70s. She knew she needed to jump into action.


In the video, you hear her shout for her elderly German Shepard, who was in the backyard but wasn't far behind Miss Faye. She came over with her cane to hit the car several times, which chased off the suspect dropping the purse.

"If my knees weren't hurting me, I think I would have been out there a little faster," she laughed.

When asked if she was scared to intervene Miss Faye said not even a little.

ABC 7 Chicago via YouTube
ABC 7 Chicago via YouTube

"I never thought about it. Fear never crossed my mind, cause I'm crazy I guess," she said laughing. "I don't know. It's just something that's in my nature. I do things, and it doesn't bother me until a couple hours later. That's how I've always been."

Law enforcement never encourages people to interfere with a crime in progress so Miss Faye is grateful because it could've gone much worse than it did.

Her words of advice to the community were calling for everyone to watch out for each other.

"Just try to be neighborly. Watch out for your neighbors and surroundings, even for your personal self, because so many things have been happening lately. Not just in Oakland, but all over the world. Just be aware of your surroundings. That's all I have to say about that," she said.

Miss Faye says since the incident, neighbors have called her a hero and bring pies and other food to show their thanks. According to her, the victim in the crime had some bruising but was otherwise uninjured.

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