No shirt, no shoes, no service is a pretty universal rule when it comes to fine dining. One restaurant in California is upping the game with a 'no children' policy.

The Old Fisherman's Grotto in Monterey, California has a sign posted in the entrance of the restaurant that reads: "No strollers, no high chairs, no booster chairs. Children crying or making loud noises are a distraction to other diners, and as such are not allowed in the dining room."

It's a policy that they're enforced for years, but now parents are starting to complain. "We have many families who dine with us with their children who are well behaved and understand our policy with respect to other diners," said owner Chris Shake.

He believes that the complaints come from people who haven't even eaten at the restaurant and are simply offended by the sign. Some parents say the sign goes too far and could just say "adults only."

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