During a Furries meetup at a California beach, chaos erupted when a man was caught recording members of the group.

Man getting hit with a megaphone at a furmeet
Man getting hit with a megaphone at a furmeet.

Who Was Involved?


Two individuals donning black wolf costumes were engaged in a scuffle in Huntington Beach last Saturday, with some onlookers speculating that the man with the camera was an ex-lover seeking revenge.

The event was a Sunset Beach Bonfire "furmeet," which was attended by a sizable number of Furries.

How Did The Fight Start?

The dispute apparently started when the man with the camera refused to leave after a Furry warned him to stop recording them. The Furry in the wolf costume then hit him on the head with a megaphone, resulting in another person tackling him to the ground.

The individual in the black t-shirt, jeans, and cap had his shoulder struck with the megaphone before he was hit in the head again. Another beachgoer tried to intervene, but the fighting continued as stunned observers looked on.

As others tried to stop the scuffle, the man who had been recording was shouting, "This is what Furries do to you!"

Meanwhile, the Furry in the wolf costume yelled at the camera that the injured man was going to be sued for assault. Afterward, he removed his mask and was led away from the scene, while the injured party lay on the ground, clutching his head.

Another Furry with a gray tail came over to check on him. As someone suggested calling 911, the injured man threatened to sue his attacker relentlessly. Nevertheless, he was restrained by onlookers.

Police arrive to the scene of the fight.
Police arrive at the scene of the fight.

Police Get Involved

Police officers were seen arresting one of the fighting Furries who is heard saying: 'I am not resisting.'

One man had to get his head wrapped after the fight.

What Is A Furry?

Furries, individuals who dress up as animals and embrace their animal identities, have rapidly become one of the world's fastest-growing fandoms with an estimated 2.5 million followers across the globe.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Originating in the 1980s, the furry movement was established in the mid-1990s, and every animal represented has its own distinct personality. Those identifying with foxes tend to be sly and playful, dog furries embody the essence of fun, and cat furries desire an aloof image.

Today, furries have become a global phenomenon with regular meetups occurring every month for members to socialize and bond.

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