Pat Miletich, MMA legend, trainer, and commentator, joined us in the studio today to talk about Saturday's upcoming Caged Aggression XXVI "Battle Tested" at the RiverCenter. He was joined by Jeffery Wilson, whom is the co-host of "Everything Combat" with Miletich. Together, the two are doing the commentating at Caged Aggression.

The two told us that this weekend's fight will be available as a pay-per-view event, the details will be announced tomorrow evening at the weigh in event. Pat and Jeffery will be announcing on the pay per view.

Caged Aggression
Caged Aggression

The first match will start at 6:30pm at the RiverCenter. You can get your tickets here.

Pat shared stories of old friends, his time on The Joe Rogan Experience, and some of his favorite MMA stories. Jeffery told us about coming in from St. Louis and trying a local pizza restaurant.

Check out the full interview:

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