I've always thought whoever was the true love in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" is buying way too much stuff. My family and I have always set a $25 price cap. This guy went completely overboard and spent a whole $38,993.59, according to The PNC Financial Services Group Christmas Price Index.

PNC takes a yearly look into how much buying the Twelve Days of Christmas is going to cost for the year, just in case you wanted to give that much. They're proud to announce the total price only rose $67.56 (0.2%) from last year. They also shared the big changes this year:

  • For the second year in a row, the price of geese went up 7.7%, which they're blaming on backyard farming
  • Golden Ring price fell in 2018 because the demand also fell, but this year, gold bounced back with a 10% increase
  • The price for turtle doves dropped again, down 20%, the lowest it's been since 2004.
  • The most expensive thing in the song is the seven swans-a-swimming, they'll run you $13,125, or $1,875 each. So they're around one-third of the entire cost.
  • The cheapest item is the partridge to put in your pear tree... it's just $20.18. The pear tree will run you $199.95.

PNC also began tracking online shopping, which they found will cost $42,258.91.

The cost of staying true to the song and buying the 364 gifts will cost $170,298.03, down $64.23 from last year.

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