Chris McCabe is a 70-year-old butcher in southwest England and he needed something from his freezer at work, which was outside around a corner. While he was in there, the wind blew the door shut.

He couldn't get out, no one could hear him calling for help,and it was around zero degrees. Chris could have frozen to death in as little as 30 minutes.

The freezer had an emergency release button on the inside that's supposed to let you get out if you're locked in. He's had to use it before, but this time it wouldn't work because it was frozen solid.

Chris decided his only way out was to bash it and break the ice. So he started looking around for something to hit it with and settled on a three-pound blood sausage, also called black pudding.

In case you're not familiar, black pudding is a mix of pork fat, pork blood, and oatmeal.

Chris basically used it like a battering ram. After a few hard whacks, it triggered the button, opened the door, and he says it absolutely saved his life.

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