A video was uploaded on YouTube titled "When You Have Covid and Your Little Brother Delivers Soup Your Mom Made." As of now, the video posted by ViralHog only has 3,333 views, but with 2.65 million subscribers, it will surely receive more soon.

The delivery occurred on January 15, 2022, in Michigan. A woman was sick with COVID-19 and her mother decided to make soup to help her feel better. As the mother and daughter lived in different homes, the mother decided to have her youngest child deliver the soup. Little brother was given the responsibility of driving the soup over to his sister's house and dropping it off on the front porch.

In the video captured by a Ring camera, the brother is seen carrying the bowl of soup up to the house. How sweet right? What a kind thoughtful brother. If you think this is a loving story so far, wait till you see the extra gift he leaves his sister...

The Caption of the video said;

"I was sick with Covid, and my mom sent my little brother to come deliver me (his older sister) some soup. Being the youngest child, of course, he’s the jokester and unfortunately, he can also fart on command. He dropped the soup off on the porch and proceeded to fart twice on it and then run away proudly."

That's right, little brother left his gift of not one, but two, big farts into his sister's soup and then proceeds to run away.


In the video, the sister is heard thanking her brother through the Ring camera. Little did she know what exactly she was thanking him for...

People are already having fun in the comment section:

LMAO . Brotherly love, can you smell it
that secret ingredient extra is love
He was making it extra spicy
Mom's homemade bean soup? It has that certain “air” about it. (Rotten little brother…now he’s a YouTube star).

Stephan Schlösser

Oh, that's sweet she feels she is at her parent's home mom's soup and brother's fart...

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