A woman in Bristol was distressed after an anonymous note was left in her mailbox, stating that her Halloween decorations were too intense and frightening.

The "too scary" halloween display.
The "too scary" Halloween display.

The "Too Scary" Halloween Decorations Note

The front yard of Lia Adams-Steele, 35, was adorned with cobwebs, pumpkins, and three witch figures, a decoration effort she made together with her young kids.

The unknown author of the note wrote that witch images can be terrifying and offensive to some people, possibly leading to children having nightmares. Adams-Steele, however, felt the letter was more frightening than her decorations.

While she conceded that not all individuals celebrate Halloween, she asserted that her decorations were not meant to be hostile. She expressed regret if her decorations resulted in any offence or nightmares among children, but opined that the note was unwarranted.

The Note on the Door:

The letter that was left on the door.
The letter that was left on the door.

How The HomeOwner Felt About The Note

Miss Adams-Steele remarked that she considers her Longwell Green display to be kid-friendly, with no elements of fear involved. Her exhibition includes a wooden gingerbread house and three witches, all of which are crafted from recycled materials. The mother of two shared that her children, ages five and seven, had a fantastic time brainstorming for the concept of the display.

According to her, she is constantly devising new ideas for inexpensive activities, making use of items found around the house, and promoting the concept of upcycling. She wants to instill in her children that something incredible can be made out of recycled items.

Miss Adams-Steele stated, The kids and I spent many days and hours painting and assembling the display. It was a special time for us to work together as a team and watch as our display took form. She said she received positive feedback from neighbors who were supportive and thought the project was a fun activity for her children.

Ms Adams-Steele and her "scary" decorations.
Ms Adams-Steele and her "scary" decorations.

She added: "I think it's more scary someone went to the effort of typing up the letter to be honest.

Reaching Out To Neighbors For Opinions

Ms. Adams-Steele expressed her unease about receiving a critical letter regarding her Halloween display. She reached out to her community on a local Facebook group, inquiring if they thought her decorations were overly frightening.

Insisting on her benign intentions, Ms. Adams-Steele affirmed that she wasn't an evil person but simply a mother aiming to make her children happy by putting up an exciting display. She got over 300 supportive responses to her post. If anyone had expressed that her decorations were too intense, she would have contemplated taking them down.

"I don't mind whoever has written the letter but I think I deserved a name to the letter, so at least I can say to this person I am truly sorry I've offended you or caused a nightmare.

"I don't think an anonymous letter was fair."

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