27-year-old cop Greg Park responded to a disturbance call at a house in McMinnville, Oregon last Sunday.

It turned out the woman who lived there was a single mom with six kids. And she'd been arguing with her boyfriend after he spent all the money she was planning to use for Christmas presents. She also needed it to pay bills and said her water and electricity might get shut off.

Unfortunately, Greg couldn't get the money back for her. She'd have to go to court. And apparently it wasn't that much, so it wouldn't be worth it.

Instead of just leaving her to deal with it, Greg went to his squad car, grabbed his wallet, and gave her all of the cash he had, which turned out to be $145.

He didn't tell anyone at work about it, but the woman's sister posted a photo of the cash on Facebook, and said he was the best cop ever.


Officer Park told the local news that if you can help someone, you should feel like it's your responsibility to help them. Even if it's something small.

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