Add another member to the fraternity of dumb Wheel of Fortune contestants.

This time, David is the man of the hour.

After Keri solved the puzzle -- "Gondola Ride Through Venice" -- host Pat Sajak asked her partner and husband, David, what country they thought they were going to as a prize. His answer will make you laugh and shake your head, all at once.



Sajak, the other contestants and the audience all had a good chuckle. The responses were so terrible that Keri had to ask if they would still get the trip, which they are. We hear David is really excited because he's never been to Africa.

Despite David's pair of ludicrous answers, David and Keri wound up having the last laugh. They went to the bonus round, won t that and wound up going home with a total of $60,000 in cash and prizes.

Of course, with David's sense of geography, we're not sure they're getting home too quickly.

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