The Los Angeles Police Department has shared an absolutely heart-pumping and adrenaline-filled bodycam video from a plane crash that nearly went from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.

Around 2pm yesterday, police responded in Pacoima to reports of a Cessna 172, a single-engine airplane, that had made an emergency landing on the Metrolink Antelope Valley train tracks.

Rescue crews arrived on-scene, but officers were the ones to pull the pilot from the plane just seconds before a train blasted through the plane.

The video shows officers from LAPD's Foothill Division attempting to pull the pilot from the crashed plane. The pilot was bleeding heavily from a head injury of some kind.

LAPDHQ via Twitter
LAPDHQ via Twitter

As the video goes on, the officers manage to free the man from the cockpit and make it about 15 feet away when a train came through, tearing through the plane as though it weren't even there.

LAPDHQ via Twitter
LAPDHQ via Twitter

According to Fox News, the pilot's identification hasn't been released, but he was the only person on board. After his rescue, he was taken to a regional trauma center.

The only information around the Cessna 172 was that it came down on the tracks after takeoff from Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Officials told the news outlet that the train service was obviously halted, and road traffic was diverted in the area to go about twenty miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

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