If you're one to go through the catalogs on Thanksgiving to figure out where you're going to get in a fight on Friday, you might notice that this year's catalogs look a bit similar to last year.

Wallethub noticed the same thing, and started digging a little deeper to figure out who's cheating and just having the same deals as last year. 18% of the deals this year are the same product as last year. That's almost 1/5!

They found the five chains with the most recycled products to be some you'll probably shop at this year;

  • Harbor Freight (60.2%)
  • Office Depot/OfficeMax (30.5%)
  • Ace Hardware (29.9%)
  • Sears (29.3%)
  • JC Penney (28.2%)

The good news is if you shopped at harbor freight last year, you can buy another one of those screwdrivers you got for $1 last year that lasted three uses.

They've made a full breakdown of the cheaters this year, which shows how just changing a little bit of font size and coloring is enough to bamboozle a nation.

Source: WalletHub

You'll notice some of the items are the same, but the prices have gone up since last year. They found that some of the retailers are listing the exact same deal as last year but with a 8% increase of price, while others like Costco dropped another 14% off.

Read more at WalletHub

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