We give Billy a lot of crap on the Dwyer and Michaels Show for is lack of discernible water-skiing skill, and how that deficit wreaks havoc on an otherwise stellar Backwater Gamblers Ski Show on the Rock River.

What we don't say is that his never-give-up attitude is an inspiration to us all in our own trials, whatever they may be.  We don't say that because it's funnier to watch in slo-motion as he falls, flails, flips and flops into the river time and time again...

But those days may now be over.  Thanks to his endless effort to be better, he mastered the moves required last Sunday, and for the first time this season, in front of people, he stay on TOP of the river.  Our heartfelt congratulations to our friend.

And please pay no mind to the book that fell out of his backpack after the show on Sunday, visible below.

Rumpcheck/used with permission