If you have kids, you already know that surprising your kids is surprising yourself, because those kids' reaction is never what you think it'll be.

Brett McPherson and her family went to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to get a week away, and while they were there, decided to celebrate their 6-year-old daughter's birthday.

In video shared to Instagram, Brett showed that they hired a female bigfoot, named Cinnamon, to come to the party as a surprise. Cinnamon can be seen looking through the window, carrying balloons and presents for Blaynee Mae's birthday party.

Cinnamon was not met with the excitement Brett had hoped. When the kids saw her, they hit the deck, ran, then screamed and cried.

“They hit the ground like a tornado was coming. It was like they were on fire or something. We just never expected that kind of reaction,” McPherson said.

Thankfully, the situation was able to be fixed once Cinnamon came inside and the kids warmed up to her.

At one point, Blaynee tells the squatch, "I like your toes."

"You do? I need to paint them blue, don't I?" Cinnamon responded.

Brett booked Cinnamon through a company called Bigfoot Shenanigans. She told News on 6 that they prepped the kids for a few days, "Spotting" bigfoot in the woods, and even leaving food out like bigfoot is Santa.

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