When the Quad Cities is the focus of the golf world later this week, watch for one representation to be part of the national broadcast front and center: The Giant John Deere Driver courtesy of Edwards Creative Services.

Steve and Kathy Edwards have been part of the John Deere Classic for years (The Giant Golf Ball that greets golfers and visitors is their creation), and this years' addition is spectacular. It's all Steve could do to NOT tell me about it while I was picking up our freshly wrapped 2dorks box truck last fall.

photo courtesy of Clair Peterson

The John Deere Classic, along with it's director Clair Peterson, have come a long way in just the last decade, tirelessly working to improve the tournament for players, and the atmosphere for the thousands of attendees. From red-eye private jet flights for top players to the British Open, to more and better viewing options for fans, the JDC is now the crown jewel of a busy Quad City sports scene.

This year, right next to the giant golf ball, the team at Edwards has managed to not only make a driver to match, but incorporate the arm of a John Deere into it's shaft. It's sure to make you stop by for a photo op. And watch for the CBS broadcast to take notice as well.

We say it a lot on our show--When someone is born to do what they are doing, you can just tell. At the JDC this year, you will see that Clair Peterson (And his long list of volunteers) was born to bring the John Deere Classic to a new level. And with the Edwards' now fully in the club (pun intended) the future looks pretty bright as well. Fore!