On July 30th in 1973, Led Zeppelin taped and videoed their Madison Square Garden concert, and the bulk of this show was used in the live production "The Song Remains the Same".  I don't think it would have mattered much wherever they had recorded their live footage, because while they were in my opinion the greatest classic rock band, they were never one of the best bands "live".   The Stones were called the "Worlds Greatest Rock and Roll Band" ... and they probably deserved it.  They were outstanding "live, and their history and longevity are amazing.  I think Bruce Springsteen was just as amazing "live" ... and I tip my hat to U2, Paul McCartney/Wings, The Who, and many others.  Sorry to say, Zeppelin was not one of those elite bands in concert.  But what they did in the studio needs no validation...they were the "bar".