Ever been on a date and realized you were going to need to keep drinking until the other person was attractive? Yeah, apparently almost everyone has.

Century Novelty

I've got the results from a new survey that found beer goggles really do exist. Check this out:

  1. 74% of women and 84% of men say they've been on a date and found the other person more attractive after a few drinks. That's quite a large percentage.
  2. 86% of women and 92% of men also say that they're more likely to wind up getting-it-on with someone after a date if they've had some drinks. Sounds great, right? Maybe not.
  3. 84% of women and 67% of men who've drunkenly had sex with someone they weren't particularly attracted to, say they never contacted that person again.
  4. Even though alcohol can clearly lead to some bad decisions, 68% of women and 82% of men still always drink on a first date.

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