There's a bar & grill in the tiny town of Erie, Il.  You've probably driven past the exit sign on I-80 a million times because you never had an excuse to visit.

Until now.

Legends Bar & Grill, right on that triangle in the middle of town, is hosting an interesting fundraiser.  The 3rd Annual Beer Belly Car Wash is happening Saturday, September 10, 2022.

Dana Schnitzler started a Toys for Tots drive 5 or 6 years ago at the bar and they raised a fair amount of money.  When she bought Legends in 2020, she wanted to try something different, to grab people's attention!  And she did just that!

"I was driving home from work one day & the car wash idea came to me- and I knew I had to “spice it up” a little- since we were a bar.

I have a GREAT GROUP of lifelong friends who jump in & help me carry out all of my crazy ideas, and I KNEW this was perfect for them/Legends.

So we ran with the idea & it’s been our BIGGEST MONEY MAKER for Toys for Tots to date! We typically raise a few thousand in a few hours!

The boys put on a GREAT SHOW and our response is typically 75-100 Cars/Trucks/Bikes/Motorcycles!"

$10 Per Vehicle OR a Toy Donation of an Equal Amount

"We picked Toys For Tots- because every single one of us has “been there” and needed assistance at some point- during the Holidays/Life. And quite frankly- shit is tough for A LOT of people right now (pardon my French) & it brings us so much joy to think some kids out there are waking up to a WONDERFUL Christmas Morning- partly because of US"

Unfortunately, Dana just received word last night from the Toys for Tots coordinator in Whiteside County that they are suspending the Toys for Tots Drive due to staffing issues.

So, the charity itself is up in the air, but this won't stop the giving!



Legends Gives Back

They do a Chili Cook-Off in November and a Live Nativity (with Sheep, in the bar parking lot) in December with great incentives to those who make monetary donations or drop off Toys to Legends!

They've Got Your Back

"And truth be told, I’ve “needed” that place/those people probably more than I’d like to admit somedays. My 16-year-old son was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in December & started Chemo in January- and this Bar/this Community showed me what it was like for people to really “have your back” and mean it. And I needed that so much, at the time. He’s in remission now, and we rescan in a few weeks to see if anything has reappeared. But I honestly don’t think I would have made it thru such a tough time in my/my son’s life, without Legends & the contents of the people inside"

Make plans to join Legends for the Beer Belly Car Wash but don't forget they throw all sorts of birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, golf outings, live music, karaoke, DJ’s, and more. There's even a Luau planned for this Saturday, August 20th.

'Beer Belly Car Wash' is the Charity Event You'll Be Happy You Didn't Avoid

Grab your wife & mother in law for a short drive through Erie on Saturday, September 10th for a car wash they won't soon forget!

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