In 1996, I came to Davenport to check out the radio program at the American Institute of Commerce, or AIC.  I wasn't really sure I wanted to attend but when I took a tour I got to meet the director of the program, Gary Stibolt.

Gary was a big imposing character but his giant gentle smile made you know there was nothing to be intimidated by.

Being in the program taught me so much about aspects of radio that I never saw working on-air on 97X.  Gary took us to sales calls to convince business people to buy airtime on our 1-watt college radio station, which came in fuzzy even in the cafeteria across the hall from the studio.  They would've been better off just cranking up the volume knob and opening the doors.  But Gary taught us how to use charisma and charm instead of data and numbers to close a deal.

Our End of the Quarter parties were epic.  We would all gather at the Moose Lodge or Elks VFW or somewhere and sing karaoke while Gary would crack wise and drink from his pitcher of beer that seemed way smaller when he held it.  We'd blow off steam and gripe about the recent test or random drama happening.

My AIC era was one of the best times of my life and I have some great friends still to this day because of our time there.  A lot of those times were due to Gary's ability to bring people together and laugh while still making things happen.

That's how radio is done.

I was very sorry to hear that Gary is terminally ill & needs to raise funds for medical bills & costs. He is currently in home-hospice

Patrick B. Fisher
Patrick B. Fisher

This Saturday, at 5:30 PM there is a fundraiser for Gary Stibolt at Harrington's Pub in Bettendorf.

This will help to pay medical bills as insurance has not been enough through these trying times.


50/50 Raffle
Silent auction
Food boxes

Plus there will be karaoke with Charlie & Holly

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