Normally when somebody thinks of tragic brain injuries they don't laugh out loud.  But, in the case of Brian Farrell, he's taking his story and turning it into a night of comedy to support "Empower House".

Brian Farrell was having a normal day until...

Brian was at work in 2005 when a door weighing 1,000 pounds fell and hit Brian on his head.  It took 11 years before Brian could not only begin to recall the accident but also, the following 4 years of his life.  Brian worked with a therapy team, but after years of no progress, he was released from care.

This is when Missey Heinrichs stepped in.  Missey was a key person who helped Brian at Genesis with his Brain Injury. Once insurance runs out, patients are left to figure things out with daily living skills, physical tasks, speech, and cognitive treatment. In 2019 Missey and a few others opened a Non-Profit Organization called Empower House for Brain Injury with a Mission.

Brian always wanted a way to thank Missey. And now, they are doing that with a Comedy Show Fundraiser to give back and help raise money to keep the non-profit open for Empower House.

A Great Night of Laughter for a Good Cause

Knock-Knock! Who's There! Comedy presents a Great Night of Laughter! Comedy Show for the Non-Profit Empower House, Brain Injury Organization.


The show will be at the Buffalo Community Center (426 Clark Street, Buffalo Iowa) on August 19th.  Doors at 6:00 p.m. with admission only $5.

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The show will feature comedians Dane Moulton, Brian Farrell, Collin Strajack & Shayne Neubert & guests Ashley Smrcina & Jacob Lee Downey with headliner James Draper.

There will be basket raffles and silent auction items at this family-friendly adult comedy show.

Christina Stroud - Farrell
Christina Stroud - Farrell

"Don't hate the life you lost, love the life you have now," says Brian.  "If I can make a difference, for the patients trying to understand, it doesn't just change you. It also impacts your entire family; you have to build a better you!"

You can get more information on the show on their Facebook event page.  And learn more about what Empower House is doing for people right here in the Quad Cities by checking out their website.

Check out Brian and his wife Christina sharing more of their story and the event below.

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