Tracy Zaehringer is the office manager at Beattie Family Dental in Davenport.

They are currently only seeing emergency patients that are currently patients at Beattie.  They always take precautions...masks, gowns, etc...but now they have all but shut their doors to keep their patients and employees safe.

When I asked Tracy about a piece of advice...she said "Laugh".  It so important in these times to try and find the good in life and be silly with your kids.

"Without a sense of humor...what else do we have at this point."

The coolest part about this interview was how Tracy said they really miss their co-workers at Beattie.  When you're a small staff of 13 people you make a connection that's different than a big corporation.

I can see that bond everytime I go to Beattie Family Dental.  They've helped me so much with my Invisalign treatment and my CPAP Alternative.  I can't recommend them enough.  Once they are open you should go visit Tracy & the gang.

"We are currently only seeing Emergency patients at this time, but we are so looking forward to serving our community when this all passes!"


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