Bryce Harper has called himself (and so have others) a representative of a "new era" of players that are more expressive and more emotional than their old-school counterparts.  This is not a good thing.

Last night in his game, Bryce showed-up an ump at home plate after a called third, yelled at him from the dugout on another strike-out call, got himself ejected, and acted like he didn't know "what for", yelled at his coaches for restraining him in the dugout, and after the game yelled some obscenities at the same ump.  In his interview after the game, he acted proud of himself.

Look, it's bad enough that Harper's ego has become unmanageable, but if he's also the "leader" of a new wave of player behavior, baseball has a lot of trouble on the horizon.  Emotion is no substitute for "Class."