Lenny Robinson was the 51-year-old guy in Baltimore who dressed up as Batman to visit kids in the hospital. Sadly, he was killed over the weekend when he got hit by a car. But I guarantee this story would make him happy.

Before the accident on Sunday, he was at an event in West Virginia, where an eight-year-old named Jacob ran up and told him he got punched by a bully. Lenny confronted the kid who punched him, and made them hug it out. Then he promised Jacob that Batman would always have his back if he needed help again.

Unfortunately, Lenny was on his way home from the event when he died. A guy from Huntington, West Virginia named John Buckland stepped up to save the day. John also dresses as Batman to visit sick kids, and even has his own replica Batmobile.

While Lenny's funeral was happening on Wednesday, John showed up at Jacob's school to let him know Batman still has his back. He also spoke to the entire class about why bullying is wrong, gave Jacob a key to his Batmobile, and let him fire it up in the parking lot.

Jacob's grandmother says that when he fell asleep that night, he was still clutching the key in his hand.

For more info on Huntington's Batman and the Heroes 4 Higher, visit their website.