A recent survey asked job interviewers how important your body language is. They said the most important one is making good eye contact.


The five they notice the most are eye contact, facial expressions, your posture, whether or not you have a good handshake, and fidgeting in your seat.

Here are tips for all five that might help in a job interview, or any situation where you want to seem confident:

  1. Eye contact. Make sure you maintain regular eye contact. Look away sometimes or it can seem overly aggressive.
  2. Facial expressions. Don't be stone cold serious the whole time. Smiling a little bit can make you seem warmer and more enthusiastic.
  3. Posture. Sit up straight, and lean forward a little bit. It makes you seem confident, and more engaged in the conversation.
  4. Your handshake. Make sure it's firm, but don't crush the other person's hand. And don't let it drag on too long, three or four seconds is plenty.
  5. Fidgeting. Just try to catch yourself doing it. Things like bouncing your legs or tapping your fingers can make you seem anxious and intimidated.

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