If you're tired all the time, here are some, not-so-obvious habits that could be stealing a lot of your energy.

  • Taking things personally. Try to let stuff roll off your back more. Being offended and angry all the time is a huge waste of energy that can really take a toll on you.
  • Constant worrying. It's a hard one to fix. But do your best, because it really can hold you back. Instead of worrying so much, take action whenever you can address something head-on. And if something's out of your hands, try not to fixate on it.
  • Negativity. It's a huge drain on your own energy. And complaining all the time can be a drain on the people around you too.
  • Overthinking things. Once you've thought something through, pull the trigger and stop second guessing yourself. There's a trendy term now called "FOBO," which stands for "fear of better options." And it can be a huge energy waster.
  • Gossiping and creating drama. Generating any kind of unnecessary drama in your life is a waste of time and energy.
  • Being too much of a people pleaser. Being helpful is great. But when you do it too much, you end up never focusing on yourself.

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