Local Quad Cities blues band, Avey/Grouws Band has been awarded a grant from the Fueling Musicians Program with Joe Bonamassa.

He is helping touring musicians by setting up a fund to help out those who aren't able to make money during this pandemic. Fueling Musicians Program is an emergency relief plan for touring musicians affected by the COVID-19 crisis. It provides financial assistance for essential living expenses such as food, shelter, and more.

Fueling Musicians provides immediate cash payments of $1,000, as well as pre-paid gas cards of $500 to help struggling musicians get back on the road again when it is safe.  If you've ever spoken to a touring musician you know how much $500 in gas can help.  When you've purchased a t shirt or CD at the merch table, that's gone almost directly into the gas tank.

According to a post on Facebook, Avey/Grouws Band, featuring Chris Avey, Jeni Holtan Grouws and Bryan West have been chosen for this amazing grant!

Truly honored and grateful to have been selected for the Fueling Musicians Program from Keeping the Blues Alive and Joe Bonamassa . As you know, our debut album, The Devil May Care, released March 20, went to #10 on Billboard Blues Album chart, and yet we couldn't tour. Many musicians have been in the same boat these past few months. We've relied on live streams to keep us connected and income coming in. But it's not the same as regular, consistent work. Thanks to this grant, we've been given $1,000 and a $500 gas card to help us when we can get back on the road! Thank you to Joe Bonamassa and everyone at Keeping the Blues Alive, as well as to everyone that donated to this wonderful program. We musicians know how to stretch a penny, so this will help more than you know! 💙


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