Do consider yourself to be a top-notch barbecuist? Honestly, I think that's a word I just made up...Do you think your BBQ skills are untouchable and no one has mastered the art of BBQing as you have? If you think your BBQ skills are above the rest, I've found the perfect contest for you to prove it. This is one of these stories that might make you hungry by the end of it.

The Iowa Pork Producers have teamed up with the Iowa Cubs and Cactus Cares to find the best of the best Barbecuers in the state of Iowa. The inaugural BBQ & Brew competition is taking place at Principal Park, in Des Moines. Not only will this 3 part competition find the best barbecuers in the state of Iowa, but it's also for a great cause.

Iowa Pork Producers
Iowa Pork Producers

The backyard BBQ competition will put all the contest proceeds into various local food pantries. Not only will you be able to test your BBQ skills against other amateur barbecuers, but you can also check off your good deed for the day.

There will be 3 BBQ competition categories; Best Pork Butts, Best St. Louis Ribs, and Best Pork Belly (skin on), and the pork will be provided for all of the competitors. You also have the chance to win some cash! Competitors have the chance to win $1,500 plus a pork donation to the hunger relief charity of the winners choosing.

Trish Cook is the Iowa Pork Producers President and according to Iowa Pork, they're looking forward to putting together this fun and charitable event. She said,

We take great pride in promoting delicious Iowa pork and are excited to work with the Iowa Cubs and Cactus Cares to put together this fun, charitable event to see who is the best backyard barbecuer in Iowa. We all know an Iowan who is handy with the grill. This is their chance to step up to the plate, compete for some great prizes, and help us fill Iowa’s food pantries with high-quality pork.

I should've eaten something before writing this because now I'm basically committed to getting some BBQ to eat today. The entry for competitors is $150 and space is limited. This will be a 30-person competition and scoring will be based on the Iowa BBQ Society's scoring system in all three categories.

Iowa Pork also mentions that competitors must compete in all three phases of the contest. If you're the best Pork Belly barbecuer in Iowa but you're slacking on your St Louis Ribs, you have until July 15th to sharpen up your rib skills.

If you would like to enter this contest, visit FlipCause to register. If you would like to visit the BBQ & Brew At The Ballpark event, tickets will go on sale to the general public very soon, just keep an eye out on Iowa Pork's website.

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