We were discussing great drummers today, and yeah - the usual names come up - Neil Peart, Bonham, Keith Moon, Barker, the list could go on and on.

But, there's some unsung heroes in the midst that don't get the credit they deserve on the list of the best of the best - who we might think are the greatest of all time.

Todd Sucherman - Styx

Most drummers you talk to are at least aware of Todd Sucherman, who has been drumming for Styx since 1995. He makes some of the most complicated grooves and fills you hear look absolutely effortless.

He's known for his Styx drumming, but he also is the sound you hear on all the Spinal Tap tracks, and he also has a following on social media for his practice videos.

El Estepario

This guy came out of nowhere and blew up the drummer/musician side of the internet. He plays the most complicated riffs with ease, even showcasing his ability to play one-handed.

Sorry, but the best one-handed drummer in the world in the world is not Rick Allen.

He's done overly complicated covers of popular songs as well.

He's also had major virality from his stick tricks, like this Tears For Fears cover where he rocks a stick on his hi-hat.

What do you think? Who's the best drummer of all time?

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