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Fever Beat The Sky Again

The Indiana Fever with Iowa's own Caitlin Clark beat the Chicago Sky for the second time this season in a highly physical game.

Playoff Status

Dwyer found a website that tells you the odds of your team making the playoffs. Click the button below.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs, Game 2
Getty Images

Stuck Hanging Upside Down On A Ride

28 people were rescued Friday after the swinging ride they were on got stuck straight up, leaving the whole group of riders stuck hanging upside down until they were rescued.

Woman Run Over By Beach Patrol

A woman lying on the beach in Myrtle Beach was run over and killed by a Beach Patrol truck that was patrolling the beach.

Gene Wilder Documentarty

There's a newer doc on Netflix about the life and career of Gene Wilder, called Remembering Gene Wilder.

Dance Cult

There's a documentary that follows cult allegations around a company called 7M that allegedly recruited influential TikTokers into their group.

It's called Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.

You Don't Want None Of This, Dewey

Dwyer was talking about being recommended to watch Walk Hard, and we of course had to revist the classic clip when Dewey tries drugs for the first time.


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