The founder, lead singer, and songwriter for one of rock's most-known bands is coming to town.

Stephen Pearcy founded RATT over 40 years ago, and brought the band mass popularity with Multi-Platinum successes year after year from 1984-1991.

Known for their overtly sexual appearance, rebellious attitude, and take no prisoner approach to metal, Atlantic Records recognized RATT’s potential and star power thus signing the band to a contract resulting in the 1984 album “Out of the Cellar”, which became one of many multi-platinum successes.

RATT climbed up the charts with singles from “Out of the Cellar”, soaring past Prince’s “Lets Go Crazy”, Van Halen’s “Panama”, Madonna’s “Borderline” and David Bowies “Blue Jean”.

Pearcy and his backing band will be at The Rust Belt on August 15th. You can get your tickets through the Rust Belt website, or enter below for your chance to win!


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