If your summer vacation plans take you outside the United States, it’s important to know which places are currently safe enough to travel to. Right now,19 regions are currently classified as Level 4, the highest-danger-risk category.


What is a Travel Advisory? The Department of State provides information to U.S. citizens regarding travel safety overseas. If you're planning a trip abroad, you can sign up for travel advisory alerts to stay informed.

There are four Travel Advisory levels, and it’s surprising to see that 19 regions are currently classified as Level 4, the highest risk category.

“This is the highest advisory level due to the increased likelihood of life-threatening risks. The U.S. government may have very limited ability to provide assistance, including during an emergency. The Department of State advises U.S. citizens not to travel to these countries or to leave as soon as it is safe. We recommend writing a will prior to traveling and leaving DNA samples in case of worst-case scenarios.”

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If You Do Go To These Level 4 Places, Here Is What You Should Do

Update Your Will It’s always wise to have an up-to-date will, especially if traveling to one of the 19 regions deemed unsafe for Americans right now.

DNA Samples Leaving behind DNA samples for identification purposes is not typically part of vacation planning. However, if you’re heading to a high-risk area listed in the Travel Advisory, it’s a precaution worth considering.

These two things to do before your travel sound extreme, well, that's because they are. If you plan to travel to a Level 4 Region, you are setting yourself up for major danger.

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Americans Advised to NOT Travel to These 19 Destinations

Americans Advised to Avoid These 19 Destinations The United States Department of State has four levels of advisories: exercise normal precautions, exercise increased caution, reconsider travel, and do not travel. Currently, 19 destinations fall under a Level 4: DO NOT TRAVEL advisory, so plan your travels accordingly.

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