No matter how bad your boss is, they're not THIS bad, right?

Le'Terria Akins manages an Arby's near West Palm Beach, Florida. She's only 21. So apparently she's risen through the ranks fast.

Palm Beach County Jail
Palm Beach County Jail

But she probably won't get another promotion anytime soon... since she assaulted one of her employees on Saturday.

She asked a 29-year-old employee named Ernst Point Du Jour to stay late, and he refused. Then they started arguing, and she claims he got up in her face. So she pulled out some pepper spray and sprayed him in the eyes with it. THEN she chased him outside with a serrated kitchen knife.

She didn't stab him, but she went to town on his car and slashed it up. She's facing charges for battery, aggravated assault, and criminal mischief.

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