An Arby's in Minnesota drew itself some negative media attention this month after a mother posted a photo to Facebook of a note taped to the front door saying parents of unruly kids will be asked to leave.

Christina Hemsworth was headed for a hot beef and cheese when she saw the sign saying "Only well-behaved children who can keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats are welcome. If you can't do this you will be asked to leave." Props to them for using the correct "Their." You wouldn't get that quality of grammar from McDonald's.

Hemsworth was worried her 2 year old would violate the rules posted at the door, but decided to eat there anyway. She said that while in the restaurant, an employee swore in front of families, contradicting what she imagined Arby's was going for with this new set of etiquette rules.

Arby's corporate office issued a statement saying, “We removed it quickly, and have disciplined the manager and team working at the restaurant. It does not reflect our company values and the family-friendly environment we aim to provide in all of our restaurants.”

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