Do you prefer something healthy or something sugary on your pancakes? Over 3,600 Americans were polled about their favorite pancake toppings. And the winners are:

  1. Syrup. 58% of people said it's their favorite . . . which was almost six times more votes than second place. It's easy to pour a lot on though, so be careful. 52 calories per tablespoon can add up fast.
  2. Butter. 10% said it's their favorite pancake topping. It's also the topping with the most calories . . . 102 per tablespoon.
  3. Fruit. Blueberries and strawberries tied at 5% each. The only other healthy topping people picked was bananas with 2% of the vote.
  4. Chocolate syrup. Ice cream isn't the only thing it's good on. 4% of people think it's the best topping on pancakes. It has 55 calories per tablespoon.
  5. Whipped cream. 3% said it's their favorite. And it's not actually that bad for you. It's not that dense, so one tablespoon only has 8 calories.

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