Alborn has been throwing out some new music and fun projects recently so I wanted to reach out to the guys for a quick interview to spread awareness of what they've got going on.

1st off…new music. Looks like you’ve been digging into some unreleased stuff? Can you tell me about the collab with Instamix went with the song "Deadline"?

The Instamix session was amazing and footage turned out great. We chose to let Deadline out as the first installment because we thought it really fit the atmosphere of the environment and found it was the best choice to introduce the series. Also, it is only one of the many unreleased songs we played that day, and it only gets heavier from there! We hope to be able to bring more pieces of the session to everyone soon.

You've got a Spotify playlist out there: Who curates the list and what are the criteria to get on?

For the Spotify playlist, all 4 of us have access to it and are all able to add/remove songs. Others that follow the playlist can also add songs, as many already have. We don’t really keep to certain guidelines when adding music to it, if we like the song we throw it on there.

What a killer choice for an AIC cover! We Die Young is one of my favorites. Who’s idea was this? How long did it take to record? It’s not a note for note cover. Was there concerted effort to put your own spin on it?

The AIC cover was so much fun to put together. It was an idea Justin brought to us after becoming a fan of the “Corridor of Covers” segment on SiriusXM Liquid Metal. He recorded a demo of it at the home studio and it turned out solid so we spent a couple weeks tweaking, and got it ready to take it into the studio. Probably took us 3ish hours to lay down in studio. And yes, we definitely wanted to incorporate our own sound, while still maintaining the roots of the tune.

What’s next for you guys? Looks like some studio time has happened. New album? EP?

Aside from this Chains tune, we do have plans for an EP release in the near future. More info on that will come as we are able.

What are you looking forward to most about live shows? Any lined up?

We are just ready to reconnect with the fans and make noise, man. One of our favorite things is to talk with people before and after our set and listening to their thoughts and opinions. We have a couple shows we are trying to push for September. One of which in the QC. Very much looking forward to getting back out there!


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