If you missed it this week, Dwyer's big mouth started a feud between two local musicians. It all stems back almost a week ago when Chuck Murphy was playing a benefit gig for Habitat for Humanity at Kelly's Irish Pub, and jokingly Dwyer said that Chuck plays better than Doug.

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Then, in typical Dwyer fashion, he gets an idea and this happens:

So after everything is said and done this morning we get Chuck and Doug into the studio for a Showdown which is actually more of a Showcase.  The showdown went as follows.  Each musician played a song.  Chuck lead off.  Then once both musicians played their song of choice, we spun the wheel for the speed round.   But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here's Chuck singing "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger.

Doug answered with "American Girl" by Tom Petty.

Then, it was time for the Showcase Showdown Speed Round. We spin the wheel and whatever band comes up they have to play 30 seconds of a song. If they can't do it then we move on. Both Chuck and Doug nailed this round, and added extra jabs at each other during their renditions of the songs that made it even more amusing.

Although we called this a showdown, in all reality there are no winners or losers in this "battle." Chuck and Doug have known each other for twenty years and any of the animosity spread over Facebook before hand was playful banter. I'm glad we can have a day like this where we can get a couple people into the studio with us to screw around a little bit. Their skills, talent, and showmanship speak for themselves.  Today was such a fun day, and I look forward to seeing not only Doug and Chuck perform in the future, but other local acts.  We truly are lucky in the Quad Cities to have so many opportunities to see local artists perform right in our backyard.  Thanks for coming today gentleman, keep on rockin'!

Here's the full FB Live video of them both in our studio:

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