A friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first child. While excited for the future, he is understandably nervous too. We started joking about how his life would change and what are must-do things before the birth. Think of this as a 'pre-baby bucket list.'


After a few drinks we came up with his to-do list, BUT, since it was on a bar napkin while having drinks I couldn't remember every one. Thanks to a quick google search I found a similar list at Scarry Mommy

Here's the ones I could recall:
1. Go to the movies
2. Play video games uninterrupted
3. Take an out of town weekend getaway
4. Sleep in
5. Enjoy the silence
6. Have relations whenever you want

I'm not saying that change is bad, it's just different. Can you think of any 'pre-baby bucket list' type things I've missed?