AAA wants to remind all drivers that hanging things from your rearview mirror is a hazard, including your protective mask.

It may be easier and more convenient to hang your mask from the rearview mirror, because it's up off the floor, it's easy to grab, and in my mind; the sun is burning the bacteria off of it.

The concern with the mask is that it obstructs your vision. Sure, it may only be 3" wide, but that could be the 3" the blocks your view of a rock, or a kid on a tricycle.

“Having a clear field of vision is extremely important to your safety when on the road,” said AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria. “Items such as masks, air fresheners, parking placards or anything else that reduces your ability to see things around you is a safety hazard and could increase your risk for a crash.”

It's also illegal in some states. Illinois doesn't allow anything to be hung from the rearview mirror, and if you do, you could be pulled over and ticketed.

AAA released other safety tips as well, which honestly if you didn't follow these you should turn in your license.

  • Read signs by shape and color
  • Dim your dash lights when driving after dark
  • At night, adjust your speed to the range of your headlights
  • To help with glare, adjust the rearview mirror to the night setting
  • As vehicles approach at night, look to the right side of the road
  • Keep a flashlight on hand to "read signs and house numbers" when driving after dark, because nobody will be concerned about someone in a car shining a flashlight on all the houses in a neighborhood. 

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