Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez spoke to his community on Wednesday about the widely viewed incident that occurred at a high school baseball game in his town.

On April 18th, deputies were dispatched to Liberty High School in Kissimmee, Florida for a report of an assault.

Investigators on the scene were able to quickly determine that an upset parent - Jorge Aponte Gonzalez - punched a 63-year-old man, who was serving as the game's umpire, in the back of the head.

The attack happened between innings as the umpire stood between field gates.

Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez showed the video during his press conference, showing a man who officials say is Jore Gonzalez as he walked up and punched the umpire.

"This umpire is a 63-year-old man. He's a veteran. A United States military veteran. He's a disabled veteran. OK? He does this because he has a passion for baseball and he likes to give back to his community and he loves to dedicate his time to baseball and to kids," Lopez said.

Players and parents rushed to the aid of the umpire, visibly upset by the way the events unfolded.

attachment-Sucker punch umpire

As the sheriff arrested Gonzalez and walked him to a cruiser, Gonzalez was seen smiling. Lopez claims he was simply defending his child.

The umpire had called out Gonzalez's child for his disruptive behavior, and Gonzalez didn't take that well.

Jorge Aponte Gonzalez is facing charges of battery on a sports official and disruption of a school function.

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