2020 was a super weird year. It was one where everything we'd learned before was out the window, from social cues, how we watch movies, to finances. It's been a year of spending the extra $8 for delivery so we don't have to go to the store or restaurant.

A study conducted by One Poll asked 2,000 Americans how their finances are doing in 2021, and it's not good. 64% said they regret most of their financial decisions in 2020, picking up all sorts of bad habits.

Top 8 Bad Financial Habits We Picked Up in 2020

  1. Impulse buying things we don’t need, 51%
  2. Paying for subscription services we don’t use anymore, 44%
  3. Not comparing prices to look for a better deal, 35%
  4. Only paying the minimum balance on credit cards, 35%
  5. Not paying attention to our credit score, 32%
  6. Not sticking to a budget, 31%
  7. Missing credit card or bill payments, 18%
  8. Not doing enough saving, 15%

So how are we going to get back on track? Budgeting, I guess?

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