Life Magazine did a pretty cool feature back in the early 70's--pictures of rock stars in the homes they grew up in, surrounded by the folks that raised them. Clapton, Elton John and more, with my sentimental favorite going to the recently passed Joe Cocker.

I wondered what it might look like with some of today's artists (the ones who don't currently live at home with their folks, which their ages might suggest), but it seems like so much angst in modern rock that I don't picture any of these guys in a relationship where they might call home and suggest a photoshoot with mom.

Joe Cocker (Getty Images)
David Crosby (Getty Images)
Elton John (Getty Images)
Eric Clapton (Getty Images)
Grace Slick (Getty Images)
Frank Zappa (Getty Images)
Donovan (Getty Images)
Richie Havens (Getty Images)