I bet there's some crossover appeal here. If you're the type of person who likes the taste of marshmallows rolled in sugar, why not enjoy it in liquid form?

7-Eleven is now selling Peeps-flavored Slurpees for Easter. A few different people have posted photos on Instagram, and it's not a knock-off. It looks like they're doing an official partnership with the Peeps people.

It's not clear how close they taste to the real thing, and there's no word on whether all 7-Elevens will have them, or just select stores. But apparently they've started rolling them out, and they'll disappear shortly after April 12th.

From the photos that are circulating, we can assume there are at least two “flavors” to choose from: white and red. I have no clue what the differences are in flavors because don't all Peeps taste the same?

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I enjoy Peeps...but a Peeps flavored Slurpee? #slurplife

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