When your Alexa isn't doing what you want, do you ever start cursing it out? Calling it an idiot? Telling it to shut the hell up? Um... yeah... me neither.

According to a new survey, 55% of people admit they're, quote, "rude" to their smart speakers.

And that includes 31% who are rude once in a while, 17% who are rude sometimes, 6% who are rude often, and 1% who are literally always rude to their speaker.

So why are we rude? Maybe this is it: Only three percent of men and four percent of women say their smart speaker is perfect at interpreting what they're saying and always responds exactly how they want it to.

But, plenty of us are really nice to our speakers too. Only 19% of people never say "please" or "thank you" to the speaker, and 10% always include a please or thank you with a request.

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