It's easy to get caught up in the 'to do' lists and frenzied shopping this time of year.

Maybe instead of (or in addition to) gift giving, you can give of your time. Here are 5 great ways to give back to our QC Community this holiday season.

Some lucky pets find homes during the holidays, but not all. It's easy to forget there's still a need to support our local animal shelters while we're hustling around town to get things done. Any of our local shelters could use a donation, but here are a couple of shelters who can use a few things.

QC Paws - pet food, cleaning supplies

Humane Society of Scott County-volunteer your time, pet food, monetary donations.

Here's a great way to help someone getting back into the workforce and streamline your closet at the same time.

Dress for Success - gently used business clothes for women

When you drop off much needed items of warmth, stay for a few minutes and listen to some stories. It's sure to warm the soul.

QC Veterans Outreach Center - blankets, hats, gloves

Did you know someone else can use the cane, crutches, or wheelchair that's taking up space at your parent's house? Pare down and help someone else at the same time.

ReStore - appliances, furniture, building supplies, healthcare equipment

This one is extra easy. Grab a few extra items next time you're at the store stocking up on sugar, flour,Chex cereal and other holiday staples.

River Bend Foodbank - canned foods, cereal

I hope this list gives you some ideas on how you can give back this holiday season. Compare notes with your family and see where you can give back to the community.

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