A Honda motorcycle with zero miles on the odometer is going up for auction after being locked away in a garage, not being allowed to be ridden.

The 1981 Honda CB100N was bought brand new from a dealer by a young teen while he was still living with his parents.

He rode it 0.4 miles to his house, and when his dad saw, told him it was too dangerous and forbade him from riding it and told him to park it in the garage.

After the father passed away, the owner, who is now in his 50's, was tasked with cleaning out the home his family had kept for decades.


During his cleaning, he came across the old bike that hadn't moved from the spot it was last parked forty years ago.

The bike was immaculate, aside from a small amount of oxidation on some of the chrome pieces - the muffler, front fender, and some of the exhaust work have a few small spots on them.


He decided to sell the Honda to his neighbor, Graham Tozer, who has put it up for auction.


The bike still has its original tax certificate with an expiry date of July 31st, 1982. The odometer still displays less than a half of a mile on the odometer.


Tozer told DailyMail, "I'm a collector of classic bikes and cars, so six months ago my neighbor called me up and said they needed rid of it. He was born in the house and spent all of his life there. When he was a youngster he really wanted his own bike but when he brought it home his dad wouldn't let him ride it. He'd saved up for such a long time to buy it but his father just said, 'you're not going on that. You can stick it in the shed'. Apparently his dad was really strict. He was ex-military and he was the boss of the house."

A specialist with the Charterhouse Auctioneers of Sherborne said that this model of bikes was widely used for commuting, so of those that are on the market, many of them aren't in a good condition.

The auction is set for October 14th at the Haynes International Motor Museum, with an online auction also available.

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