The final Chapter of my 50.  Urban wheat?  Is that like a dandelion that grows in the sidewalk?

Just the Facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 36 degrees.

Drinking temp: 36 degrees.

Nose: Sweetness.

Taste: There's an IPA hiding in here

4 out of 6 bottles

It's hard to write about this Goose Island Ale without thinking about all the other beers, wheats, ales that came before it in my journey.  But taken on it's own, as I drain the keg on this project, it's a smooth, slightly sweet ale that has a little bite right at the end.  The "312" recalls my neck of the woods growing up, and while this might not make the call list at a DePaul beer bash, I can see it being a favorite at Northwestern.  Last Call.