Since I've lived in the Quad Cities, one of my favorite activities has been the January tradition of the Rod and Custom Show.  First, with my Father-in-law, then my kids, and last weekend with my wife, it's a great head start to the summer car show season.

About 10 years ago, we added our Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar Cars to the Show, and then the models' signing day.  Both have become among my favorite parts of the show weekend. Here's a look at what went down on Saturday:

But what really makes this show so much fun, is the wide variety of stuff there is to see in the car hobby.  I included some pictures of the show winners, and included some of the other highlights from the weekend (The girl with the scarf tied in her hair presenting the awards is Shelly, who basically runs things for us at the show.)  Thanks to everyone who makes the show so great by bringing their little slice of hot rodding to life every January!

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