Muscle car fans might hate this, everyone else will love it. Especially if they start adding the option to motorcycles soon.

The new Ford Mustang GT comes out this fall and it has a super-loud V8 engine. Ford just announced it will also have a feature called "Good Neighbor Mode" that muffles the exhaust when you turn it on.

You'll also have the option to drive around without being a loud annoying jerk that everyone hates. But you can still leave it off and blow out everyone's eardrums whenever you want to.

It reduces the noise level to 72 decibels. That's roughly the same as a normal car or about as loud as a dishwasher. And it costs an extra $895.

An engineer for Ford says he came up with the idea after one of his neighbors called the cops on him for revving the engine in his Mustang.

According to a recent survey, loud cars and motorcycles are one of the top noise complaints in residential areas. The only thing that's more annoying is mowing your lawn early in the morning.

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