Chances are, it's been a while since you were inside of a post office to ship something out, but years ago, it wasn't unusual to regularly send packages to loved ones, whether it was small gifts, big gifts, or even just some homemade cookies to remind someone of home.

Sure, you can walk into any United States Postal Service office in North Carolina and they'll be happy to send your cookies off to a loved one, no matter where in the country they are, but they aren't as welcoming with every package that comes through the door.

Items You Should Probably Reconsider Mailing From North Carolina

Man collecting mail from mailbox
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In a world of Cash App, Apple Pay, Zelle, Venmo and every other one of the hundreds of digital forms of payment, it's rare to find someone who still use paper checks for stuff like gifts, or paying bills for the month.

The problem here is that criminals are aware that not many of the outgoing envelopes in your mailbox are typically a form of payment - and if they can get ahold of your check, it's easy for them to turn around and commit check fraud and get ahold of your money before you even know it. 

Items That Are Illegal To Send By Mail in North Carolina

Cameron Carlson
Cameron Carlson

Most gifts can be mailed, but there are a lot of items you cannot mail unless you're specially permitted, but some stuff is just not allowed to be mailed whatsoever.

We've put together some examples of things you can't mail as a typical citizen of North Carolina. Everything on this list is something that has been shipped - and there's a reason it's on the list. 

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